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About us

We hear all the time that taste is everything.  But is it?


We all know to reduce, reuse, recycle.  Ritual Coffee have a fourth ‘R’, to rethink. When over consumption and the overuse of non-recyclable packaging is at an all time high, we wanted to approach our business with both people and the planet in mind.


Buying the best quality beans means we expect to pay premium prices to our producers, which is invariably higher than Fair Trade.  Our packaging is fair too, offering customers at home the opportunity to enjoy coffee without creating landfill.


Our story

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Courtney Conroy formed the idea of Ritual Coffee in 2018. With a life’s time love of coffee in her pocket and experience of roasting with some of the best in the business, she wanted to create a new way to enjoy speciality coffee -a way without landfill. To keep coffee fresh, bags are usually lined with plastic or aluminium, rendering them non-recyclable and non-compostable. 

The idea was simple. Great coffee delivered to your door in paper bags. The recipient’s responsibility? To decant into an airtight container at home. 

Already with the skills to roast, she set about to find a roaster – and as fateful as buying from a ‘man down the pub’, a vintage Samiac drum roaster was sourced from London. 

Setting up the roastery just outside her hometown of Cheltenham, Courtney spent the next 9 months commissioning the installation of the Samiac and honing her roasting skills. She sources coffee with integrity, paying producers a fair price that is invariably higher than Fair Trade and often from co-operatives and small lots. In return, coffee is grown and harvested in line with obtaining the best quality from the bean.


Courtney roasts all coffee by hand in small batches, keeping a close eye on quality and flavour, and packaging with love - not landfill.


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