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Our coffee

Ritual Coffee Roasters

We believe in the small things. If a cup of coffee is one of life's daily joys, why drink a bad brew?


Our insistence on bringing you great coffee has taken us around the world to carefully select only the best beans. All beans in our range have been Q graded and scored over 80 out of 100 for quality by experienced graders with the sharpest sensory skills.  And naturally they have been sourced responsibly from coffee growers who are awarded with an honest price.


Hand-roasted in small batches on our lovingly refurbished vintage Samiac drum roaster, at Ritual Coffee we keep a close eye on quality and flavour by cupping every roast.


Depending on the bean and the brew we may blend roasts to balance flavour profiles, or leave the coffee as a single origin to allow its own unique characteristics to shine through.


To see our current collection of blends and single origins, visit our shop.