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Societe Maitea Single Origin (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Societe Maitea Single Origin (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Societe Maitea Single Origin (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Societe Maitea Single Origin (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Societe Maitea Single Origin (Democratic Republic of Congo)

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Ritual Coffee is proud to launch its first single origin from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which happens to be the very first harvest for Societe Maitea and its founders, Eba Murua and Wally Mahindu.

With notes of marmalade, stone fruits and peach, this coffee makes for a really unique espresso-based drink or mellow filter. Grown at 1,700 – 1,900 metres above sea level in the South Kivu region of the Congo, Eba and Wally are forging a path of economic success and social mobility, through coffee production at their farm, Societe Maitea.

By producing truly excellent coffee, Société Maitea is not only showcasing the quality of coffee that can be grown in South Kivu, but also helping to improve the social development of the community with which it works. With a history of civil war, fighting and sexual assault in the region, Eba and Wally have formed the Maitea Foundation to improve health, education and conservation efforts, while allowing the population to move away from the image of its dark past. The Maitea Foundation works with the following goals:

Health: support women living in dangerous conditions, as well as feed malnourished children through its one meal for every child program

Education: Increase literacy for women in coffee, as well as the creation of tailored education programs for children with disabilities (currently unavailable in the region)

Conservation: Improve nature and conservation awareness in the region, via their partnership with Goma schools. Although currently there are no conservation or environmental programs in the region, Eba and Wally are planning to change this. As Société Maitea only began supplying their Arabica lot in 2019, the first steps are underway, which include building a water pump and developing a compost management system
. As of September 2019, Maitea is now also taking part in farming projects.
With the help of their exceptionally hardworking team, Societe Maitea and the local co-operative have been able to produce their first fully-washed and speciality graded Arabica lot from their washing station in Minova.
Blue Mountain and Kivu Bourbon
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