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  • So, what's the story with altnernative mylks?

    With Veganuary now in full swing a lot of you guys have been switching up your coffee rituals and opting for milk alternatives in your daily brews....

        We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet, but we were pretty stoked to be nominated as the ‘Best Coffee Roaster in the Cotswolds’ last month – an...
  • Riding the third wave

    Love the term or hate it, the ‘third wave’ coffee movement is definitely here to stay. But all this talk of single estate micro lots and SCA cupping scores gets a lot of people questioning, wtf is the ‘third wave’ and do I need a beard to ride?
  • Helping to preserve family livelihood in Costa Rica

    We like to work with both people and the planet in mind at Ritual Coffee, and our Costa Rican single origin is an example of just that. Grown and h...