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Eager to learn. Eager to share.


We work openly and honestly. It's the foundation of our business, from where our coffee is grown right through to how it's roasted, packed and distributed.


We believe in building lasting relationships through an openness to share and learn. It's how we not only support our partners, but ensure we continuously learn, grow and innovate.


We work transparently when it comes to sourcing coffee, choosing producers and sourcing experts who share the same goal – great coffee, produced with fairness at heart. Our relationships are built on mutual respect. For us and our partners, coffee is not a commodity. We’re driven on quality, and for that we pay our producers a price that is not only fair, but provides a sustainable income and livelihood for coffee farming communities.

We tend to work with smaller producers and co-operatives with an emphasis on social responsibility. Many of the farms we work with have created their own, sustainable foundations that support the welfare of the wider community and environment.


We roast on a 1980’s Samiac drum roaster that we saved from a London-based roastery in 2018. We named her (not so creatively) Sammy, and she’s the heart of our roastery. She’s needed a little work along the way. She’s been broken down and rebuilt, and had many adaptions to improve her roasting ability. It's fair to say 'they don't make them like they used to' and with some adaptions and modern technology, you can't beat 'old' when it comes to roasting coffee.

We have a team of two production roasters headed up by Callum, who has a background in engineering and over 10 years' experience as an automation consultant for roasteries. Our aim at Ritual is to take roasting back to the craft, roasting every batch manually to have full control over quality.

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